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G-Lift gas springs are used for counterbalance of weights. The G-Lift gas spring gives a counter force in the same direction oas a compression spring and consist of a tube filled with nitrogen gas. A G-Lift gas spring could be effectively used to offset the reaction force of coverlet or opening and closing cockpit, which has heavy weight. It makes easy to control of heavy weights and it makes ideal device for lifting and lowering safety. In comparison with other mechanical springs, G-Lift gas spring makes litle difference of force with long stroke.

Gaysan uses two different production types. Our standard production is based on the two design options shown above. Customer can choose more preferable system in accordance with technical requirements and application area. Both variations has the same working performance, functional capacity and technical specifications. Gas springs from Gaysan could be offered with chrom plated or nitrated rods. In accordance to customers requirement, our Techincal Engineering Department can combine both design options in one gas spring. Both options can have a various end fitting combinations reversed valve operation. At the same time they offer the user a high level of operationg convenience and security and are characterised by their compact design and thus thir practical integration in vehicle design. Difference of these two options based of components used for seal group.

Technical Information:
Nitrogen (N2) not flammable
Damping: Hydraulicfluid

Working Temperature: -30C to +80C
Tube Diameter: 15 - 18 - 21 - 27 mm
Rode Diameter: 6 - 8 - 10 - 14 mm
Force: 50 N to 2300 N
Length Tolerance: ( 2 mm)
Life Cycle: 100 000 strokes

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